How To Kill Weeds Using Vinegar Instead Of Roundup


Please, consider in the future using vinegar instead of roundup. The result will be exactly the same. If you need a proof that vinegar was a weed terminator, then look at the pictures below. One was taken in the afternoon, and the second the next day after Kevin sprayed them with straight-from-the-bottle, store-brand white vinegar.

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Adding a cup of salt to the gallon of white vinegar will not only kill the weeds, it will keep them from coming back, too. Only use where you never want to grow anything ever again, though. The results are not temporary. I only add salt when I use it on sidewalk cracks and my gravel driveway.

Jennifer Waight

Going to try this method

Christine Carpenter

you add salt with it

Zvjezdana Tokić

Or just use your hands ;)

Glen Smith

I have tried it twice and it didn’t work. Must be a strong % acidity than you can buy at the grocery store.

Eva Tanase

That’s wicked! I’ll give it a try…

Sue Watson Prewitt

boiling water works great too


I use vinegar and bi-carb for ant as wells weeds

Dacia Wells
Dacia Wells

Thank you Leonie what a great idea I have some weeds that are dying to try this

Leonie Maia
Leonie Maia

did you do a before and after soil pH test?

Ruth Vatter
Ruth Vatter

in Germany it is forbidden to use vinegar or salt for privat gardening! Also “round up” is forbidden. Please don´t use any herbizid! Or do you want to kill all the litte animals which are so helpflull, or do you like to eat herbizids???

Janet Atkinson-Grosjean

But to do a good job you need 20% horticultural vinegar rather than 5% household vinegar

Suzanna Matthews
Suzanna Matthews

I will try this and see

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